Mana from Hana

I will keep this short and sweet even though it wasn't. It wasn't sweet. It was earthy. It wasn't short, it was timeless. I have been in Hana for a solid five months, eating 98% from the land under my feet. I ate salad, herbs and roots from seeds I planted. Wolf did most of the work, but I helped plant the seeds. I watered the garden. I danced in its dirt. If it didn't come from my garden, it came from the community farm down the street. I pulled it or plucked it. I weeded. I raked and mulched. It fed me and I virtually had no grocery bill for this food. My grocer was my local farmer...oh, wait... I was that local farmer :) If it didn't come from me or the community farm down the road, Mehele, then it came from ANOTHER farmer on our road, perhaps my friend Nathan's dad who grows exceptional produce and has a sweet little farm stand. If it didn't come from me, Mehele, Nate's Dad, then it may have come from Randy and Susie who have a sweet potato farm down our road and to the right. If it didn't come from our garden, the community garden, Nate's Dad's garden, or Randy & Susie's garden, then I bought it from Mana Foods in Paia town, 50 miles from where I live in Hana, and it was GROWN SOMEWHERE ON THE ISLAND. So, now I hope you see what I mean by I ate from the land under my feet. Not avocados imported from California. I ate avocados that I picked up from the ground, gave thanks to for falling at my feet, and made super yummy guacamole from said avos! I ate the mana, it became my prana, my life force, my fuel, my Breath. I vow to take this sustainable/local/organic attitude with me for the REST of my LIFE in all ways shapes and forms. I have gotten used to NEVER using a grocery bag from the store, I always bring my own. They charge you 10 cents to use a bag here. It's a small island, not that much room for trash. Do you know where your trash goes? If you keep following it's trail it goes into the ocean, or to China to become the next plastic product you buy. Again, I VOW to take this sustainable/Local/ORGANIC attitude, lifestyle and WAY to GOD everywhere that I go. It is not only what I preach, but what I have just learned to TRULY practice. This is not an easy life, it is one of integrity and ethics, morals and values. I will not eat animals that have suffered. I will not eat seeds that are genetically modified. I only take the purest love and light into my body! I eat the purest forms of sun kissed food that I can find, which isn't hard to find, if it is always right under my feet <3 MAHALO HANA, MAUI HAWAII for showing me what it means to be a responsible human when it comes to the food, the land and the lasting effect it has on all of our relations. Aho! To 'da sacred aina! Mahalo ke akua! (Blessings, to the land, Thank you Great Creator!) To all who are reading, I pray you are inspired to eat as locally, sustainably and organically as possible. You have the power to bring peace to this world by what you choose to put in your mouth, and especially by the wods chosen to come out of your mouth. In the tongue lies the power of life and death, this is true in even the taste buds. Be life affirming with your food! It is more than just your fuel, it is the nectar of the Earth, made for you. Treat it with respect, love, and kindness. We love you Earth Mother! <3

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