The Resurrection of Raw Chocolate

Something did die for me this Easter... the eating of 'Traditional Easter Candy'. RIP Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs! Adios, Tweets! I just can't do it! First of all, it tastes gross. These types of candy are simply combination of poisonous chemicals disguised as preservatives, cancer causing artificial sweeteners, and other crazy ingredients. I actually like being blunt, so here it goes. Most of the candy that kids/adults eat on Easter is full of refined (stripped) white sugar, flours, varied colors with numbers, unpronounceable ingredients and a guaranteed sugar high followed by crash, stomach ache, grumpy mood and, eventually cavities and dis-eases like diabetes and obesity. I read an article today on CNN saying that most of the 'corporate' chocolate that is not organic or fair trade, is most likely coming from West Africa and being produced in factories run by child labor slaves. Hmmmm...so, who was having the Happy Easter in all of this? Oh yeah, an overprivalaged and perhaps ungrateful child in America at the expense of a hard-working/underpaid servant child in Africa. It does not add up and it isn't fair to turn a blind eye. Get over your 'convenience' issues and see the bigger picture!!! Let us be a part of the SOLUTION, not the problem :) To be a part of this 'solution', you could buy organic, raw, fair trade chocolate from the store. This is one solution. No more Cadbury Eggs or Whoppers. Now, we are searching, instead for names like 'Endangered Species' or 'Dagoba'. This is an enjoyable alternative to Butterfinger's, Snicker's, and Twix. These Organic Chocolates come already made, wrapped and ready to eat in exchange for dollars. Super Easy! :) I, however, really do not like store purchased chocolate bars ever since I have been making my own raw chocolates! My Beloved has shown me many secrets to chocolate making. He is an expert and can make it anywhere at anytime and he does it quite quickly, actually. I take my time when I make chocolate because I am a woman, like to fluidly experiment, and like to taste test quite frequently...just to make sure it's perfect :) I am grateful for my lover and his fast chocolate making! He is so sweet. Just the other day he knew I was about to begin my 'Womens Moon Cycle', so he handmade me chocolates and some yummy homemade ice-cream! We watched a funny movie and it was pure bliss! I am feeling very blessed! I want to share our recipe with you, so that you can make your hunny, your kids, or YOURSELF some delicious-organic-fair-trade-raw-chocolate! It is really special to make chocolate WITH the ones you love. It can be very romantic when shared with your love, some sulfate-free organic red wine, and a little sensuality ;) Or, it can be the most fun you and the kids have had all week! Get your kids in the kitchen to help stir, taste, and lick the bowls clean. We all deserve it in many different ways. From our taste buds to our children in Africa, this is the most healthy AND ecologically responsible way to go when it comes to consuming chocolate. I love you all and I hope you participate in this ceremony with joy, love and gratitude in your hearts! Remember, The Secret ingredient to ANY treat, dish or delight is LOVE and PRAYER! Bless your food just as you have been blessed with the option to create and eat it :) We are one in The Circle. Aho! THE HEALTHY HOOPER'S RAW SUPER-FOOD CHOCOLATES Ingredients: Raw Cacao Powder (1c.) - raw cacao powder contains nearly twice the antioxidants of red wine, and up to three times the antioxidants found in green tea. Coconut Oil (4-6 oz) – great for healthy skin and elevated mood Maca Root Powder (1 heaping Tbsp.) - Maca contains two of the three essential fatty acids. It is also packed with fiber, having four times more fiber than the average potato. The root also contains 18 amino acids. Mesquite (1 heaping Tbsp.) – balances/regulates blood sugar Goji Berries (small handful) – Himalayan superfood, high in antioxidants Raw Shredded Coconut (1/2 cup) – delicious! Raw Crushed Cashews (1/4 – 1/2 cup) – boosts energy and good for heart, muscles and bones Cinnamon (sprinkle to taste) - warms the qi and stimulates the blood Vanilla extract optional (1tsp. or to taste) – yummy! Superfood green powder (1 heaping Tbsp.) – all daily trace minerals for healthy mind and body are in here Raw Chocolate Coconut Butter (5-6 Tbsp) – we used Cacao Bliss, a premade butter you can find at your local health food store Sea salt (1/2 teaspoon) Bee Pollen (1 heaping Tbsp.) - Immune booster and happy mood maker! Raw (never roasted) Hemp/Sunflower/Sesame Seeds - Simply sprinkle to your liking! All seeds have nutritional benefits :) Optional- Agave or honey, sweeten to your liking HOW TO PREPARE SUPER-FOOD RAW CHOCOLATES Bring water to a roiling boil and allow coconut oil to melt in into saucepan while stirring. Put ingredients in one by one and continue to stir with your whisk. Your partner can help you put the ingredients in as you stir. If the chocolate is not quite thick enough add more cacao or maca root powder. If it is too thick, melt extra oil or butter on the side and add in gradually. Lick chocolate sauce with finger or spoon until your desired flavor is reached. Place chocolate sauce into ice cube or tart trays. There are so many amazing chocolate molds to create with! Place chocolate on flat surface in freezer and wait an hour until hardened. THEN....ENJOY ENJOY ENJOY ENJOY and SHARE SHARE SHARE SHARE!!!! www.thehealthyhooper.com