Food is Medicine

When we eat foods that contain high amount of nutrients, we are medicating ourselves the way nature and the Creator intended. I attended a two-day Advanced Food Healing seminar this weekend, and I am so grateful to have had the experience. I have been working towards using medicinal foods in my own life so that my results would inspire others to do the same, and this workshop opened up a whole new world of food for me to explore. I want to give credit to Jeff Primack of Supreme Science (www.qigong.com) for putting together so much useful information and condensing it into a workshop with protocols that anyone can follow to conquer any dis-ease. I also want to credit Kai Von-Bodegom Smith for being such a wonderful facilitator of this powerful seminar, as he delivered this information with true caring and compassion for all of the attendees. With that said, I want to credit The Source for being the supreme intelligence behind the wisdom and medicine of the plants, and our bodies innate knowledge on how to assimilate this medicine so that we may live long and healthy lives! We were designed to live in Oneness with all of the plants and animals on this planet. In this blog I will share portions of what I learned in this workshop, and encourage you to explore this area of artistic healing.
There are so many delicious power foods out there (and some not so delicious one's we want to eat anyway!) When I first became vegetarian almost 5 years ago, I supplemented heavily, thinking it was the best thing for me. I know now that the most bio-available forms of nutrition come directly from food. There are some exceptions here and there when it comes to mushrooms and herbs (tinctures are awesome), but overall the food itself is the best source of the vitamins, minerals, fats, amino acids, etc that the body needs to function optimally.
Food has the ability to cure cancer, reverse diabetes, alleviate pain, dissolve tumors and kidney stones, restore vision, and eliminates excess fat and so much more. Knowing which foods are appropriate per situation is key. The most important element in healing, however, is NOT food. It is intention set by the individual, and the honest acceptance that healing is available, deserved and achievable. Food is a tool to assist recovery. The power comes from the desire to move towards optimal health (as opposed to away from illness). While practicing food healing protocols, it is just as important to stay dedicated to a positive thought process :)
It is important to allow yourself to form the habit of blessing your food and drink. Perhaps you place your hands over it and say 'thank you'. Maybe, you draw a peace sign or yin yang over your food and put some happy thoughts into it. I was raised a baptist, so I find it rewarding to hold hands with others and say a prayer full of gratitude out loud, like my Father and Grandfathers have always done. When I am alone, I place my hands over my food, bow my head and thank the earth, the sun, the animals, the plants and all of the living organisms that helped to create this food. I send thanks to each person who made it possible for the food to be on my plate. I thank the Source for the food, the health and vitality it will bring me, and for giving my body the innate intelligence to turn this food into a future body, light, and energy so that I may continue to expand and inspire the world. Sometimes I draw an Om or a Yin/Yang over my food to seal it all in. Sometimes, I forget to do this, so I give thanks for the food that is already in my belly :) I even bless my tea and coffee these days. I bless my water. I bless you on your journey of discovering what works best for you in this area of your life!
Ok, now...The Food! There are too many amazing foods and herbs to name them all, and the benefits (hence a TWO DAY seminar that just scratched the surface). If you read this and think 'She left out this super food that everyone should know about!, please contact me and share your knowledge. Let's begin!
ACAI, POMEGRANATE and BLUEBERRIES are the top three sources for ANTIOXIDANTS, which means they are highly beneficial in preventing dis-ease. ASPARAGUS is powerful for KIDNEY and LIVER detoxification. CAMU CAMU BERRY, KIWI and STRAWBERRIES have an insane amount of VITAMIN C, which is needed for IRON ABSORPTION and helpful in reversing ASTHMA. DARK CHOCOLATE (75% and up) is a natural remedy for DEPRESSION (along with movement) as it has a chemical similar to dopamine. GOJI BERRIES are super high in BETA-CAROTENE, ESSENTIAL AMINO ACIDS and help create new red blood cells. MACA ROOT is essential for ENDOCRINE SYSTEM, HORMONE REGULATION and SEXUAL HEALTH. MANUKA HONEY kills MRSA and bacteria that causes stomach ulcers. BLACK SESAME SEEDS have many medicinal uses, the one I will mention is that they are high in SILICA which increases BONE DENSITY. AGARICUS MUSHROOMS are being used as a CANCER TREATMENT (very powerful tinctures available at wwww.food-healing.com) AHCC (comes from shitake and mitake mushrooms) increase white blood cells, and is also being used as a CANCER TREATMENT and IMMUNE SUPPORT. CHARCOAL can be used externally to cure GANG GREEN, POISON IVY, SPIDER/SNAKE BITES as it draws out the poison. It can be used internally for ULCERS, GAS, DIARRHEA, and FOOD POISONING. RICE BRAN is high in CoQ10 which is stored in the HEART and needed for optimal heart functioning. SALMON is high in DHA which is profound for brain health. This is essential in healing AUTISM, ADD(ADHD), DEPRESSION and ALZHEIMERS. MICRO ALGAE is the source of the DHA in the fish and can is even more potent than consuming the fish. Eat your seaweed, sea vegetables, and sustainable fish for good fats and trace minerals. GINKO chelates (helps remove) HEAVY METALS which is powerful in the healing of ALZEIMERS and AUTISM. GINSING is a 'superior herb' and has too many benefits to list. In a nutshell, it restores life energy to the body and spirit. MASTIC GUM can reverse ULCERS. A REISHI MUSHROOM tonic is essential for HEART HEALING, SPIRITUAL WORK and relief of DEPRESSION. ROYAL JELLY is the most bio-available food source for B VITAMINS! EGGS are the most bio-available source of PROTEIN. TUMERIC is an ANTI-INFLAMMATORY. An APPLE a day keeps the colon therapist away as it aides in CONSTIPATION. AVOCADOS are super high in GOOD FATS and the PIT has an incomparable amount soluble fiber, which cleans out the arteries (you need a serious blender to be able to take advantage of this. Check out www.food-healing.com for the best one!). BASIL is amazing for DIGESTIVE health. GARLIC kills bacteria and is wonderful for the heart! BEANS burn slowly in the body and are a good aide for SUGAR CRAVINGS. BEETS are a BLOOD CLEANSER and can DISSOLVE TUMORS. BITTER MELON has a chemical similar to INSULIN and is a tool for reversing DIABETES. BROCCOLI, BRUSSEL SPROUTS, CAULIFLOWER, & CABBAGE helps the body KILL CANCER CELLS especially when FERMENTED. CARROTS are good for healing the STOMACH when lightly cooked. CAYENNE PEPPER regulates BLOOD PRESSURE and is an amazing ANTI-INFLAMMATORY. GINGER is a POWERFUL PAIN RELIEVER. CILANTRO is POWERFUL in MERCURY CHELATION and is essential for curing AUTISM. COCONUT MEAT, WATER, BUTTER, OIL and MILK all have different uses for different things. This is a huge super-food! Start by drinking the water for all of the electrolytes your body needs. The oils is the best for cooking, as it has a high flash point. CUCUMBER is high in SILICA which is essential for BONES, HAIR, and TEETH. EGGPLANT helps absorb excess iron in the body. MUSCADINE GRAPES are high in heart healthy POLY PHENOLS. OKRA scrubs the ARTERIES clean! OYSTERS are high in ZINC, which is stored in the PROSTATE, therefore vital to the MALE reproductive system (just as beneficial for females!) PAPAYA is great for DIGESTION and COLON HEALTH, as well as PEPPERMINT and ROSEMARY. The core of a PINEAPPLE is great for BONES and helps kill cancer. TOMATOES are super high in LYCOPENE, which is essential for PROSTATE health. PURPLE SWEET POTATOES have a protein source similar to that of an EGG. SWISS CHARD is essential for reversing DIABETES as well, as it has in insulin-like phytochemicals. WALNUTS, ALMONDS and CASHEWS are good for DHA (brain health), PROTEIN, and FATS. PUMPKIN SEEDS are the highest source of ZINC! WATERMELONS can aide in dissolving KIDNEY STONES. FAVA BEANS have a dopamine-like chemical and can be used to help treat PARKINSON’s. CORDECYPS (a mushroom) aides in LIVER, KIDNEY, IMMUNE, and HEART health. For THYROID HEALTH eat FERMENTED CABBAGE. There are millions of other amazing foods, plants, herbs, etc out there. This is just a tiny taste of the amazing world of Medicinal Food. I encourage you to explore recipes and ways to consume these foods. Foods high in phytochemicals (protective/disease preventative properties) have the most profound results, according to Jeff Primack and his extensive research. Find as many phytochemicals as you can and eat up! :)
Mindfully eating is another major component of creating a healing relationship with your food. After you bless food and prepare it with love, it is important to take your time to savor the food, allow your saliva to digest it partially in your mouth before swallowing, and be sure that you are in a happy space as you eat. Eating food when angry is just no fun. Be grateful for each bite, for the company you may be with, or for the simple blessing of being able to see it, taste it, smell it and be healed by the experience of eating.
I am honored to have this information to use and share. I hope that this sparks your interest in this area of the healing arts! Blessings to you all, as you continue on your unique journeys of evolution, adventure, healing and happiness!