The Journey to 100 Push Ups: Days 1-6

Today I did 66 push ups (over a series of 3 sets) on my knees. This is Day 6 of practicing with dedication, and Day 1 of documenting and deciding to actually do this. I will not stop documenting until I get to 100. Then, it will more like a celebration than a documentation. It's 2012 and I want a Healthy Challenge that I can master, but takes serious work (and of course, some play!) I want to inspire women around the world that we ARE strong in our feminine radiance! Soft AND strong. Strong hearts, strong bodies, strong connections and strong LOVE. As for straight legged push ups, I can bust out ten solid straight legged push ups, take a short break, and then do 5 more, take a short break, and then do 5 more. So, I can do 20 straight legged push ups (not bad for a girl;) in sets. My short term goal is 20 straight legged push ups without stopping by June 20th. My long term goal is 100 push ups on my knees by September 20th without stopping, and 100 straight legged push ups before the 'end of the Mayan Calender' December 21 2012. I am entering my first fitness competition this December in Hawaii, and I am training with Yoga, Qi Gong, Hoop, Dance and mostly raw foods. I am sure I will need some weight lifting closer to the time I am due to compete. This is my biggest leap yet for my own personal health and creating a platform for inspiration world wide. The journey of a 100 push ups begins with the first step... Stay tuned and thank you for actually reading this and being inspired by it. It is for me, but equally for you, too. I love you all. Aloha Nui Loa! www.thehealthyhooper.com