'At one time in Italy, those born in the villages lived and died there, without ever going far away. After Italy had become a nation, many, for reasons of marriage or work, left their birthplaces; but later in life, these often suffered from a peculiar illness: pallor, depression, weakness, anemia. Many cures were tried, and as a last resort, the doctor would advise the sufferer to go back and take the air of his native place. And nearly always, this advice had the best results; the patience regained their color and health. People used to say that a mans own air was the best cure, even if the climate he went to was far worse than the one he left. But what these sufferers really needed was the peace offered to their subconscious minds by the simple places where they had lived as children'.
- Maria Montessori, The Absorbent Mind

As I pack my bags for the trillionth time to leave the place I was born, I give thanks in every corner of my vast existence. I am so grateful to sit at the desk my father, granfather and great-grandfather have sat, as I type these words. I am so grateful to be able to visit my mother and grandmother in the same town that I was born, they were born, and my great, great-great, and great-great-great grandmothers were all born. These roots run Deep. So deep. Deep as the black of night. Deep as the bright sun light. Deep enough to pull me back every year. I am so grateful for this family that loved and birthed me forth. I am so grateful for the Christian roots and the Cherokee roots and the Irish roots and the German roots and the roots that run as deep as the core of the Earth itself. My roots run strong too the center of this planet to which my body will return, as it was hers to begin with. My roots run up to the sky to high all the way to my father of all fathers, the Central Sun where all are one and our roots are all mingled into one that is single. I am. I am so grateful. I am so grateful for these roots of mine, so divine, may this human experience intertwine the angels songs and all who belong in the heart of God to FEEL it! We are free. And these roots don't bind us they only help find us...in moments when we can't find ourselves. So trace your roots down to the bottom and give so much thanks that you've even got 'em, no matter where you came from or what your story know that these roots are thick with glory! You are light, so never loose sight of the reason you have sprouted here NOW!