Chocolate & Chia As Fuel For Hot Yogi(ni)'s

Last February I participated in a 200 hour Hot Yoga Teacher training with Maui Hot Yoga. My teachers, Mary Grace and James Onnikan, are so wonderful. They lovingly kicked my ass on many levels and I became a much more refined version of myself. Omni Love (my best friend and soul seastear) stopped by the other day to get our certificates from the training and visited with our teachers for a while. The August teacher training was only days away and they offered us an opportunity to fill the fridge in the studio with healthy treats such as raw chocolates and chia seed protein bowls. We were delighted! Immediately we gathered ingredients to create two amazing raw food, yummy delights for the upcoming hot yoga students. Here is what we created: Pure InJoyMint Chocolates *2 cups raw organic coconut oil *2 cups raw organic cacao *7 drops doTerra peppermint oil (or to taste) *half cup raw organic coconut sugar *1 tablespoon organic vanilla *teaspoon of sea salt (or to taste) *2 tablespoons Lucuma; a Peruvian super-food sweetener and beta-carotene source! Liquify coco oil through double boiling. Stir in slowly the cacao, sugar, lucuma, vanilla, sea salt and oil. Re-flavor to your taste. Pour into molds. Pop into fridge for half hour. Put the chocolate into your mouth and experience pure inJoyMint :) Makes large serving of chocolates! Total Chia Yum Sauce *1 Cup soaked Chia Seeds *1 Can Thai Organic Coconut Milk *Frozen Organic Raspberries *1/2 cup Hemp Seeds *Fresh Strawberries *Fresh Blueberries *Fresh Mango ***Special NOTE: Soak chia seeds overnight. Stir chia seeds into water until you reach a slightly thick gelatinous consistency. 1.Create Coconut/Hemp Milk: Blend hemp seeds into the coconut milk. 2. Blend frozen raspberries into soaked chia. 3. Pour chia raspberry blend into bowl. Top with the coconut hemp milk. 4. Cut up berries and mango and put on top of the chia/raspberry/coconut/hemp yumminess! Makes 2-4 servings, depending on how much you can eat :) ***Special NOTE: The Chia ingredients can all be blended together with a little water, ice and vegan protein powder for an awesome SMOOTHIE :)!!! The yogi(nis) all loved our creations. We were so happy to share! Thank you all, Mahalo, for following this blog and creating a wealth of health in your world. You a bright light and deserve to shine super bright! Keep your body temple healthy with delicious super foods that keep your body running on light and love. www.thehealthyhooper.com