Homesteading in Hana

Shellie White comin' atcha with the Shanti Sustainability Flow download from Hana, Hawaii! I am seriously living and loving my life in a way that most people would deem 'primitive' or 'simple'. I prefer 'off the grid'. I have been in Hana for three weeks now with no car and no cell phone (BY CHOICE) and little money. Yet... TONS of seeds to plant, cane grass to cut back, chickens to coupe, worms to collect to feed the future garden, an epic composting toilet outhouse to paint, and a solar shower to shanti up! I have been work-trading to live out here for 'free'. Six to twelve hours a week in exchange for rent. I love it! With no cell phone and no car, I got plenty of time to work, though it took a little getting used to. Being out here with such a small community has its pros and cons. Pro, everyone knows you. Con, everyone knows you! Haha! Just kidding. I am very honored to get to know the local farm crews, Hawaiian elders and families, and the few others that live here in the Heart of Hawaii. I am very much enjoying looking for the eggs the hens leave behind, taking my morning to have tea and talk with my Beloved, using a toilet that creates soil from human waste, and finding ways to occupy my time that are of The Light, and The Earth, for the community and not simply for my own enjoyment (although that is certainly allowed). When you're in the middle of the jungle with nothing but time to think, you start re-thinking how much you are actually 'thinking'. Think less, create more, is my motto for the Now! When I'm not transplanting seeds or raking, I am wire-wrapping, making magic wands, creating third-eye leather head pieces and writing blogs such as this one :) Life in the jungle is simple, yet complex. Many lost much of what they owned during the largest storm to ever hit Maui, which was just days after we arrived. There was so much hail and so much rain that it actually carved a new river bed! You could see that this 'new river bed' was actually the path the lava must have taken when the Haleakala Crater erupted. Also, since we have been out here we have been doing out best to support the friends of a local WOOF'er (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) named Zack who lost the life of his body after slipping from a cliff at Sweetheart Rock. I am noticing how intense situations like these can become on a small community, so I am honored to be here to support this community during this time. Life is so sweet and apparently can be very short. So, please, take the time to DO what you WANT TO DO during this life! I am thoroughly enjoying my time giving back to Gaia, though it is only a fraction, of what Gaia has given to me. She has granted us life. It is Life that I shall return back to her in the form of Organic Seeds, nutrient rich soil, and lots and lots of gratitude and love. I hope this little blurb inspires you to do something for yourself or another that brings you much joy and peace. Aloha nui loa! Shellie White