The Healthy Hooper Goes Global

Aloha! I am so excited and nervous as I pack and prep for my first big journey across the world...Australia! I'm goin' Down Unda', Mates! What a wild ride it has been simply allowing myself to accept that I will be in another country, on another continent for three months (or more)! I feel incredibly blessed. I have been 'practicing' backpacking for the last three years, so that I could be ready for this exact moment. I have been learning how to eat healthy on the road, stay rested, hydrate, honed my people skills, learned how to talk to ANYONE about a hoola hoop, given away or stored almost all of my belongings, and here I am today. Nothin' but a backpack, hoola hoops, fire props, and MANA/PRANA/LIFE FORCE pumping through my veins. I am going to Australia and beginning my Walkabout in Cairns, where I am teaching/performing at a once in a lifetime festival called ECLIPSE 2012, which begins on my birthday and a total solar eclipse occurs four days later on Nov. 14th. I am turning 28. Saturn returning. I am returning, to my roots, to my tribe I have never known, to my self, to my deepest truths. I am here to dance the world awake! I will do just that from whatever stage or setting the Great Spirit provides me. I feel honored to be called to this place during such a dramatic and drastic Shift in Humanity. Thank you for being supportive of my journey and my process, as it has been very out-loud and frankly, never-ending :) I am so happy to be doing THIS work for THIS world NOW! Aloha Ke Akua! Mahalo Nui Loa! God is Love, All of my Gratitude. -Shellie White Light wwww.thehealthyhooper.com