Metallatic Mind Force: Qigong

What is Qigong?
First, I will tell you what Qigong is traditionally. According to Wikipedia, Qigong is the Mandarin Chinese term used to describe various Chinese systems of physical and mental training for health, martial arts, and self-enlightenment. There are many different types of Qigong training. The one I have been exposed to and practice called Supreme Science Qigong. I am in the process of training to become a high level instructor in this organization. I appreciate what Jeff Primack (founder of SSQ) has created, as he has incorporated unique breathing practices (Breath Empowerment & Nine Breath Method), Food Based Healing and tons of lecture information on important matters (ie: prayer and gratitude, Sacred Geometry and the massiveness of the Universe) into traditional Qigong practices. This is the most potent and easily accessible form of energy healing I have experienced. This brings me to my second point. What is Qigong to me, personally?
My personal Qigong practice consists of movement, stillness, breath, intention, visualization, written word, medicinal food intake, the study of Sacred shapes and energetic cultivation through thought. I am new to this process and practice. I am still working towards perfecting the healing forms I have been taught, so that I may teach them to others. I am doing my best to make every breath I take mindful, and build the habit of practicing Nine Breath Method daily (and the Breath Empowerment when I need some serious inner reflection and healing.) Qigong can be interpreted literally as 'energetic (qi) discipline (gong)'. Through daily practices and mindful living, I am gradually incorporating this into my life, so that it may become my 'lifestyle'.
The title of this post is called 'Metallic Mind Force: Qigong'. The reason I chose these words is simple. In traditional Chinese Five Element Theory the element of Metal is reflective of structure, cleaning up, strength, edge, discipline, detail and organization. For me, Qigong is a very rigid and structured practice. This is good for me, as I tend to sway in the wind and go with the Flow. I am a dancer, which is pure emotion. This can be messy and scattered. I also have a lot of Fire, which can be hard to contain and is at times destructive. When I add the structure the cultivated Qi brings, I feel more balanced, capable and able to focus all of my creative energy. The metallic structure is what cultivates the Qi strongly; think of a metal tube directing water flow, a knife whittling wood, or fire combustion in a car engine. It feels good to apply Metal into other areas of my life. I am finding myself able to control my thoughts; being observant of them and allowing ones that do not serve me to pass on without effecting my vibration; like a Metal shield protecting my mind. Supreme Science is a highly organized organization. As a Certified Level 2 Instructor, (Level 3 soon to be!) I have been provided many tools for marketing, financial success and strategic planning for a career as an instructor. This information is the perfect tool to use and incorporate into the rest of my life: my own business, my dance, hooping, food planning, finances, time management, prioritizing, my writing practice, studies and sleep schedule. The metallic nature of my Qigong practice is helping me to harness my internal and external energies, direct them appropriately, and strengthen my connection to Source. I feel balanced and on purpose.
How does Qigong relate to hoop/dance? The first time I experience Qigong (Qi Revolution 2008) I had my hoop beside me, and every moment that I wasn't practicing the Qigong healing forms or doing the breath work, I was externalizing my cultivated Qi through my hoop dance. It exponentially increased my energy, endurance, creative force, mind power and confidence. I feel like a warrior with my hoop! The harnessing of Qi has increased my awareness of my Kundalini, my Goddess nature, making my dance more inviting and enticing to watch and healing to experience. My mind is sharp and I have power over the object that is my hoop. I have control over the creation that is my body. I am at ease and calm in the surrender of my dance. There is precision in the totality of My Flow. I have increased my Force, my Power, and my purpose as an Artist. I am more conscious of my connection to the Source of the Flow. Qigong and Hoopdance are blissfully married in my world <3
Today is the New Moon. The Fall Equinox has recently passed and Autumn is upon us. Metal is the element of the Fall, so this post seems appropriate for the season. It feels good to be in tune with Earth and her powerful transitions. I encourage you to explore the practice of Qigong in your own life. If you are a seeker, this is a wonderful place to begin a quest that will take you on an exploratory journey of connection, transformation and blessings abound. There is no dogma here. No creed or affiliation. This is freedom. Freedom to cultivate and harness the energy from which we were all created, so that YOU may create a life consciously and purposefully. If you have any questions or are interested in Qigong, hoop dance, food based healing, Nine Breath Method or anything else you have read about here, please contact me, Shellie White, directly and I will be happy to assist you in acquiring the tools you desire to live a happy and fulfilled life. Namaste!

For information about Supreme Science Qigong please visit www.qigong.com
For information about hoop dance or to order a handmade hoola hoop, visit www.thehealtyhooper.com!

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