The Healthy Hooper has been simmering on the back burner for a little while now. I started posting daily words of wellness on my facebook page, and got an amazing response. From there, I decided to dedicate an entire facebook page to the concept, naming the project 'The Healthy Hooper'. In just a couple weeks I already had 200+ 'Likes', so I took a hint from the Universe and have decided to take this all the way. As I am comfortable with writing, a blog seemed to be the safe way to start. I have always loved to write, and have been keeping a diary since I was the ripe age of 4. Once I hit 12, the diary fell to the wayside and I embraced my 'journal'. I have been documenting my life quite religiously for 21 years now. For me to take my writing to the next level feels REALLY good. For me to take it even further and create a blog/publication that is spreading a positive message, awareness, education, empowerment, wisdom, vital knowledge, and light to the masses feels really REALLY good. To take it as far as I can because I know I can, and incorporate my love/passion/purpose for the healing arts with my love/passion/purpose of hoop flow feels really, super, awesomely, amazingly good and DIVINE! I have a purpose. It is up to me to create it! Today is a new moon. Today is a solar eclipse. I'm usin' this one, baby! I emerge today (7/11/10~my three favorite numbers) as The Healthy Hooper. As I write this first blog for The Healthy Hooper, I set forth the intention to be of service to my fellow Flow Family. I am here to be a beacon in the darkness; To grow and learn beside you, so that we may be powerful in numbers; to inform you of the lies that I am aware of in regards to the Meat, Corn, Wheat, Soy, Pharmaceutical, Weight-Loss, and Media Industries, so that you may make room for the Truth that is right for your body and your planet; to stay hydrated and sustained on nutritious water and food, so that I may enable you to do the same; to continue to educate myself and expand, so that I can answer the really hard questions you will undoubtedly have; to keep my hoop practice daily and sacred, so that I may never forget why I am typing these words. I am committed to this. I freak out about a lot of areas in my life which require commitment, but this is not one of them. I am committed to two things solidly and seriously. Personal Healing and Creativity. This blog feeds both of those hungry mouths. As I learn, document, and share, I grow. I heal. I create! What took me so long?:)

I feel the need to honor the moment in which I felt the Emergence of The Healer within. It was June 22, 2010, Summer Solstice, Father's Day and Hoop Path. After a year of very deep, personal, transformative healing since the solstice of '09, I knew it was time to Emerge from being the Healed to the Healer. I acknowledge that I was healed, and that I always had been, It was just up to me to realize it. In realizing it, I am the Healer. I mean, I am not sure why it took me so long to realize this, as I have been a massage therapist for almost 4 years. It wasn't until I attended Hoop Path this year as 'The Massage Therapist,' and had this Emergence Epiphany that I truly grasped this Truth! All I can say is, I'm grateful, grateful, grateful that I did. I am thankful for all of the people who message me and respond to my facebook posts, as it is so rewarding to be able to gift what I have been given. I am grateful to all of you who have praised my bodywork, as it has given me the confidence to move forward. I feel so blessed to be I able to offer this service! Thank you for receiving it. I hope you have enjoyed this first post of The Healthy Hooper. It certainly felt good to write it! Sending Bliss, Blessings, and Well-Being your way!


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